On-Street Parking

Please call (865) 215-6148 for any questions regarding issues with a City meter.

Tickets are issued per the Knoxville Tennessee Code of Ordinances, Part 11 of Chapter 17 and as outlined as follows:

  • Sec. 17-287 Prohibited places, signs and markings
  • Sec. 17-288 Stopping, standing or parking on roadway
  • Sec. 17-289 Obstructing Traffic
  • Sec. 17-290 Parking of trucks and trailers at night
  • Sec. 17-291 Parking for certain purposes prohibited
  • Sec. 17-292 Parking adjacent to schools
  • Sec. 17-293 Parking on narrow streets
  • Sec. 17-294 Standing or parking on one-way roadway
  • Sec. 17-295 Stopping, standing or parking at hazardous or congested places
  • Sec. 17-296 Manner of parking generally
  • Sec. 17-297 Angle parking
  • Sec. 17-298 Parking prohibited at all times on certain streets
  • Sec. 17-299 Parking prohibited during certain hours on certain streets
  • Sec. 17-300 Stopping, standing or parking prohibited during certain hours on certain streets
  • Sec. 17-301 Parking time limited on certain streets
  • Sec. 17-302 Reserved parking for handicapped drivers
  • Sec. 17-303 Reserved parking for shared-ride vehicles
  • Sec. 17-304 Placement of signs required for enforcement of certain provisions
  • Sec. 17-305 Vehicles parked or stored at commercial lot not to be parked on street or alley
  • Sec. 17-306 Free parking for handicapped drivers
  • Sec. 17-307 Reserved parking for recharging electric vehicles
  • Sec. 17-308 Reserved parking for car-sharing vehicles
  • Sec. 17-309 - 17-324 Reserved

PBA Officers assist with the Knoxville Police Department and the City of Knoxville for these operations. Should you have any concerns with our On-Street Officers, please call (865) 215-4218.

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  • Street: 400 Main Street
  • City: Knoxville
  • State: Tennessee
  • Postcode: 37902


  • Wade Roberts

    Wade Roberts

    Manager of Parking Services
    • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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