How to be a Vendor

PBA Procurement

How to do business with PBA


The Public Building Authority of the County of Knox and the City of Knoxville, Tennessee (PBA) works with vendors that provide products and services for our organization.  PBA handles a variety of services for our clients which include:  maintenance, security, custodial, grounds, life safety, parking, property development and telecommunications.  PBA adheres to purchasing best practices and standards to help ensure that each company receives the opportunity to offer services and that each solicitation is fairly evaluated for the benefit of our organization, clients and community.  PBA provides valuable resources on this page to assist vendors in understanding procurement requirements for our solicitations.

PBA may make purchases below $10k on the open market.  Three quotes will be collected for purchases between $10k - $24,999.  Purchases above $25k must be made through competitive solicitation.


PBA, through our partner Vendor Registry, maintains an online list of suppliers and service providers interested in doing business with PBA.  Vendors will be included in bidders’ lists based on the commodity codes selected during vendor registration.  

PBA will attempt to notify vendors of solicitations when they are advertised using the automated system; notices will be sent to the email address on file in the vendor record.  PBA also posts notices for all competitive solicitation opportunities in the Knoxville New Sentinel and on PBA’s website.  Each vendor is encouraged to check PBA’s website regularly for current information on solicitations and awards.

Interested suppliers should complete the vendor registration process.  Vendors may update their vendor record any time there is a change to any information (e.g. contact name, phone number, address).  

Authorization Form


PBA is committed to assisting small, disadvantaged, minority-, women-, and veteran-owned businesses learn how to do business with us.  We encourage the meaningful participation of these vendors through direct contracts and through sub-contracting on larger projects.

PBA participates in the annual Diversity Business Expo, the annual City of Knoxville Business Breakfast, and the annual East Tennessee Purchasing Association (ETPA) Business Matching Event.  For more details about these events, please contact PBA Procurement.  PBA promotes transparency and fairness in all procurements and abides by Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.


Responses to solicitations are to be delivered to the Procurement office to the attention of the Manager of Procurement located at 505 Summer Place, PBA Suite G140 (see map) or may be submitted electronically through the Vendor Registry portal on PBA’s website, as applicable.


Vendors seeking to meet with the Manager of Procurement should call and arrange a meeting to discuss further opportunities to do business with PBA.