PBA currently manages 18 separate telephone systems with approximately 4100 extensions for the City and County. Additionally, they manage the AT&T, TDS, Frontier, KUB and Comcast accounts that support those systems.

Employs a staff of 13 as well as having 2 contract technicians. Staff includes Technicians, Helpdesk, Contract Compliance and PBX Operators.    

• Installs and maintain cabling infrastructure to include but not limited to Ethernet, fiber, twisted pair and coax.    
• Works with Property Development to design and install low voltage infrastructure in new and renovated facilities.
• Audits and processes telephone carrier invoices for payment.    
• Coordinates new carrier installations and repairs.    
• Supports audio visual systems in the Assembly Building, CCB, Courtrooms and other PBA Managed facilities. 
• Design, install and maintain a vast security camera network.
Thomas Dyer, RCDD
Telephone: (865) 215-4999