The PBA Property Development Department acts as an owner's representative for Knox County and the City of Knoxville. It does not initiate projects, but manages them as assigned by the County Mayor or City Mayor.

Property Development

Property Development (PD) is funded by Knox County and the City of Knoxville to manage construction projects for them and their affiliated entities. PD works in partnership with architects, engineers, specialty consultants and general contractors to provide services for any phase of a project. Services may include:


• Develop budget
• Determine contracting methods
• Request for Proposals (RFP) – develop, advertise, evaluate, negotiate, and award
• Develop owner requirements (programming)• Feasibility studies, life cycle and risk analysis• Advise owner on lease terms and conditions
• Assist owner in site selection
• Identify project team including owner provided consultants• Develop communications plan
• Coordinate and conduct project meetings; issue notes and reports
• Develop scope plan
• Develop master schedule
• Develop procurement plan
• Procure and manage owner-provided services (i.e. environmental, survey, soils)
• Procure land
• Identify tax-credit opportunities
• Grant preparation and administration


• Manage contracts, procurement, selection, and award of design team
• Design review and approval process
• Monitor architect performance for contractual obligations
• Assure architect is designing for budget and schedule
• Manage design contract changes
• Advise on cutting-edge technology for high performance buildings (i.e. LEED, green, energy efficient, geothermal, sustainability)
• Examine cost savings ideas
• Life cycle analysis on major components
• Coordinate and conduct design meetings; issue notes and reports
• Single point of communication and document management
• Interface with agencies (i.e. TDEC, SHPO, TVA, state and local inspections)
• Contract for owner required services such as utilities• Assist in zoning approvals and permitting
• Contractor administration

Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment (FF&E)

• Identify needs and develop specifications
• Develop master list
• Request for Proposals (RFP) – develop, advertise, evaluate, negotiate, and award
• Coordinate delivery and installation
• Coordinate punch list
• Review and process payment applications
• Manage move/relocation
• Inventory all FF&E
• Assist through one-year warranty


• Procurement, selection, and award of CM at Risk
• Coordinate design and contract management
• Examine cost savings ideas
• Lead development of plan options
• Establish format for construction estimates
• Oversee construction estimate reviews; ensure within budget
• Establish master schedule
• Identify long lead procurement items
• Identify early design packages
• Conduct peer reviews
• Develop life cycle cost analysis for major components


• Establish change procedures or management
• Develop site security plan
• Manage construction progress; update schedule
• Conduct construction progress meetings; issue notes and reports
• Periodic presentation to owner
• Monthly reporting to owner
• Track project budget
• Review and process payment application
• Assure compliance with design documents
• LEED commissioning
• Prepare punch list with architect

Project Close-Out

• Develop check list for required documents
• Obtain electronic as-built documents
• Coordinate training for systems and equipment; transfer materials to operations
• Manage one-year warranty period
• Conduct final warranty walk-thru
• Coordinate owner move in
• Project audit
• Distribute documents to all parties
• Close-out all contracts
• Assure delivery of attic stock (excess materials for repairs)
• Owner de-brief Post Construction
• Manage plans and project documents
• Assist with litigation
• Advise on future modifications
• Conduct future risk/facility assessments
Street: 500 W. Summit Hill Dr. SE, STE SP G110
State: TN
Postcode: 37902-2013
Mailing Address
Street: 500 Summer Pl., STE SP G110
State: TN
Postcode: 37902-2807
Telephone: (865) 215-4600
Kristin lee Grove
Director of Property Development
Direct Number: 865-215-4610

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